Christmas Newsletter
​December 2016

Dear partner,
The year 2016 is coming to an end and tomorrow our office will be closed for a week for the Christmas holidays. With gratitude we look back at the year that has gone by. We were encouraged by the many stories that we received from our partners (in reports or in real life): new churches being planted, church members becoming more active after following a Bible course or local congregations finding new ways to reach out to the most marginalized in their society.  

It was not always easy. Some of us struggled with health issues, projects that didn’t seem to develop well, or difficult decisions had to be taken. But it is my hope that every one of us is able to say at the end of this year, that the Lord our God carried him/her like on eagles’ wings and brought them to Himself (Ex. 19:4).

Jan Ouwehand


New GZB Policy Plan (2017-2021)
Over the last 1,5 years, much energy has been put in the development of a new policy plan for the GZB. In our new policy plan, we strongly focus on the local congregations. How does our work support them and the way they try to be a living faith community, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ?

The Dutch text has almost been finalized. In the first quarter of 2017 an English and Spanish translation will be distributed among the partners. Both the full version and a summary will be made available. In the coming months, the Regional Coordinators will discuss with all partners the content of the new policy plan and the new opportunities this gives for our partnerships.
Annual GZB Day
In 2017, the GZB will take place on Saturday, 11 March in Barneveld (in the centre of the Netherlands). It is the first time that we organize this big event this early in the year. In 2015 and 2016 it was held in June, but due to another conference venue we had to reschedule. This means, that many of our staff are busy with the preparations.

The theme of the day is ‘The Gospel is for everyone!’ One of the speakers is Esat Kica from Kosovo, a former Muslim and body builder who came to faith after the war in Yugoslavia and who now serves the church as elder. We will also have a pastor’s couple from Central Asia in our midst, who will share about the importance of theological training in a context were believers face persecution.
Survey about GZB devotional
Every year, GZB sells around 37,000 copies of Een Handvol Koren (transl.: 'Abundance of Grain', Psalm 72:16), one of the most popular devotionals in the Netherlands, in order to raise funds for the mission work. Different pastors, mission workers and church workers give their contribution by writing daily devotions for both adults (left page) and youth (right page).

But how do the readers value Een Handvol Koren? That’s why, we held an online survey among the readers last September. Around 1250 people responded. Some interesting results:
  • 63% has been using the devotional for more than 10 years
  • 76% reads the devotional in a family setting
  • 91% would recommend the devotional to others



Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for a wonderful Christmas season. That we will be amazed again by the extraordinary story of the small baby in the manger, who came to the earth to bring peace for all mankind.
  • Praise God for the new policy plan that has been developed. Pray that it will serve His worldwide church. 
  • Pray for the preparations of the GZB day on 11 March 2017




Let's get introduced

Every newsletter we introduce you to one of our staff members. This time you meet Margreet Broeders-van Spronsen!

1. What kind of position do you have within GZB?
I have been working for GZB for almost 14 years in different positions. At the moment, I’m responsible for the design of all expressions of communication, like posters, flyers and advertisements for events and other activities. I really enjoy it! 

2. What do you enjoy the most in working for GZB?
For me it’s very special to work for a Christian organisation, to be a small chain in the broader work of GZB, and ultimately in God’s plan for the world. It’s important to realize that once in a while, because in the rush of your daily work, it’s easy to forget. I also enjoy the warm atmosphere within GZB. 

3. Next year, you’re leading a women's trip to Albania. Could you share a bit about it??
Together with my colleague Mathilde and 25 Dutch women we are going to visit different women projects in Albania. It’s my desire, that I can encourage other women in difficult circumstances, but also to be encouraged myself by their testimonies and the extraordinary things God is doing there. I’m very much looking forward to it, as it is my first trip abroad for GZB.

4. How do you celebrate Christmas?
On Christmas Day, I will go to the morning service of our church with my husband and little daughter. It’s always special to celebrate the coming of Christ into this world with the whole congregation. We will sing a lot of Christmas Carols. The rest of the day we will spend with our family. 





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