Easter Newsletter
​April 2017

Dear partner,
This week is the Silent Week. During this week, in many Dutch congregations vesper services are held. Every evening the churches are open for quiet time, hymns and meditation. For many people a beautiful way to prepare themselves for the Easter celebration on Sunday. Moreover, we have seen an increasing interest among church members to fast in the 40 days before Easter. Some people decided to put aside coffee, candy or meat, others closed down their social media. 

It shows the desire among many believers to consciously look forward to Easter. Easter has so many aspects in it. It is about betrayal, torture and death, but also about God’s endless love, amazing grace and Jesus' eternal victory over death.  

Have a Blessed Easter!


GZB Day: The Gospel for Everyone
For the first time the GZB Day was held in March. Then the question was of course, will people come? Well, they came! Around 2500 adults and children (for the latter we had a special programme) attended our annual GZB Day. What a blessing and encouragement!

The theme was “The Gospel for Everyone”. In the morning we listened to Esat Kica’s testimony. Born as a Muslim in Kosovo, he became a believer during the Yugoslavian war. He prayed for more than 7 years for his wife. She burned his bibles, but now she is supporting him in his ministry. 

Jorine van Dijk shared how she and her husband try to establish a loving and caring community in Rostock (Germany), where people don’t even think about God. Vladimir and Katerina from Central Asia explained how they train new disciples in their context. And Elizabeth de Goeijen, former mission worker in Indonesia, shared about the way the church there there wants to reach out to people with a disability.

Watch also this 9-minute video!
Relief aid for the Horn of Africa
Countries in the Horn of Arica are facing severe drought at the moment. GZB is supporting the relief work of our partner churches in Kenya and South Sudan to reach out to those people in need.

In South Sudan a million people need food directly and more than 5 million people live in very difficult circumstances. Causes are the continuing violence as well as the drought. At least 270,000 children are heavily underfed. In many regions it is too unsafe to try to find food by yourself, because of the high risk of getting attacked. Many roads are closed by soldiers or rebels. Only by airplane goods can get in.

Please pray for the people in the Horn of Africa and our partner churches and partner organisations who try to help as much as they can.

Watch here an interview with Rev Jonathan Soro (South Sudan)
Run for Europe
Last year, the GZB board organized a Run for Syria to raise funds for relief aid. This was a huge success! Many adults signed up for the 5k or 10k run and for children there was the Kids Run (ca. 1 km). For those people, who didn't like running, there was a walking tour. 

Encouraged by this last year’s success, we decided to organize not 1 but 3 GZB runs, the so-called "Run for Europe", to raise funds for church-planting in different European cities. The runners ask relatives, colleagues and friends to sponsor them. Two out of three runs have already taken place and up till now an amount of € 15,000 was raised! The last run will take place on the 13th of May in Veenendaal.

For pictures look here and here!



Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for a wonderful Easter celebration. That we will be amazed again by Jesus' sacrifce for our sins and His victory over death.
  • Pray for churches that celebrate Easter in very difficult circumstances. In particular we think of the churches in war-torn Syria and the churches in Egypt after the terrible attacks on Palm Sunday.
  • Pray for the people in the Horn of Africa, who are struggling with the servere drought. Pray that help may arrive soon and that our partner churches will find the right accesses to provide aid.
  • Praise God for the very encouraging GZB Day and the successful Runs for Europe! Pray that it will motivate church members and congregations to be involved in mission.




Let's get introduced

Every newsletter we introduce you to one of our staff members. This time you meet Wim Poldervaart!

1. What kind of position do you have within GZB?
​​​I am Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean. Because my wife and I lived in Peru for 6 years as church-planters, it's very special for me to be back in this part of the world to suppport our partners and mission workers.

2. What do you enjoy the most in working for GZB?
GZB has really become part of our family, because it's an organisation for young and old. You also see this balance in our team. Young and old work together for the realization of the Great Commission. I really enjoy being part of this sparkling team to form a bridge between Dutch congregations and churches abroad. Learning together, working together and serving together. 

3. What can Christians in the Netherlands learn from the Worldwide Church?
Over and over again I'm impressed by the way the brothers and sisters I meet worldwide are committed to their faith. Circumstances are often difficult, but their faith, the Lord Himself, lifts them up above those difficulties. That makes me quiet and puts a song of praise on my lips.

4. What does Easter mean to you?
To live and The Life. The resurrection of Jesus Christ also means: Future! Certainty! With the resurrection, God has accepted His Son's offer and crossed out my debt. This Message I may share worldwide!





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