Founded in 1901, GZB is a church-based mission organization within the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN).

The PKN is the largest protestant church in the Netherlands in terms of membership (2.1 million). It is the continuation of three former churches: the Netherlands Reformed Church, the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The support base of GZB can be found among the congregations of the former Netherlands Reformed Church.
The first GZB missionary was Mr. A. A. van de Loosdrecht. He and his wife moved to the island of Sulawesi (Toraja) in the former Dutch Indies in 1913. He was killed in Bori in 1917. The work achieved by the missionaries (pastors, teachers, medi­cal doctors and nurses) led in 1947 to the formation of the Gereja Toraja (Toraja church). In 1962, GZB broadened the scope of its work to Kenya (in the regions Pokot and Turkana) and later on, in 1977, to Latin America.
Currently, GZB is involved in mission work in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.
GZB has its own magazine called ‘Alle Volken’ (All Nations), in which since 1907 stories from the mission field are shared with the Dutch congregations. In 1914, GZB started to publish an annual calendar with daily devotions. Later on, the daily devotions for the whole family (with special pages for the youth) became available in book form, called ‘Een Handvol Koren’ (A Handful of Grain).