Believing & Growing

Believing & Growing 



Christians form an accessible congregation with a living faith in Jesus Christ that shares the Gospel in a creative way. In addition, congregations develop contemporary and contextualized forms through which members can further grow in faith. This leads to both spiritual and quantitative growth of the congregation.
Where people come to Christ, is where the congregation begins. This happens in a specific context. GZB wants to help partner churches develop in such a way that they grow in depth, faith and number, while reflecting the context in which they spread the gospel. Through this, the church can nurture an accessible, open and inclusive attitude towards the community it serves. We believe that every church member is a disciple of Christ and is therefore continually learning. Growing is essential. 

Strategic choices

  • Theological education & TEE (with a specific focus on the local congregation)
  • Youth ministry
  • Bible translation & distribution
  • Mission through internet

Expertise development

  • Contextualized material development
  • Youth ministry: GZB wants to use the expertise of the team ‘worldwide youth work’ to further support local congregations in reaching the youth.
  • Discipleship & learning