Congregations, in the imitation of Jesus Christ, notice the people in the margins around them. They not only want to serve them unconditionally, but they also want to welcome and fully accept them as part of the congregation.
An important Biblical task of the local church is the care for the needy, inside and outside the church. The GZB focuses on equipping and strengthening local church in reaching out the most marginalised in the community. In this way, the love of Christ is shared and the possibility arises that people come to know God through the work of His Spirit. Involvement in the congregation however, is never a condition for diaconal help.

GZB is also involved in relief work after natural disasters or in war situations. Examples are the earthquake in Nepal (April 2015) and the refugee crisis in the Middle East.

Strategic choices

  • Training local congregations in their diaconal task
  • Supporting diaconal projects of congregations to reach the most marginalized in their context
  • Lobby & Advocacy
  • Emergency relief carried out by partner churches 

Expertise development

  • The diaconal task of the local congregation
  • Reaching out to those who are most marginalized