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Project support

GZB supports projects of partners that meet GZB's project criteria. Every year, partners are invited to hand in a project proposal. GZB does not accept fresh applications from organizations that are not an official partner of GZB.​


Project proposal

In order to apply for funding, the partner needs to write a project proposal using the GZB proposal format. There are different formats:
Projects (< € 1000)
Projects (€ 1000-5000)
Projects (> € 5000)



Generally, the partner reports about the implementation of the project twice a year. The Project Officer will inform you about the specific reporting requirements for your project. The report includes a narrative and financial part. There are two types of reports: a mid-term report (after 6 months) and a final report (after 1 year).

- Mid-term report
- Final report (projects € 1000-5000)
- Final report (projects > € 5000)

For those partners, who would like to use Excel for their financial report, we also offer an Excel format. Big advantage of this format is that many data are filled in automatically.

- Financial report (Excel)

Project Officers
The Project Officers are responsible for the communication with the partners about the projects. You can contact them directly by email for all your project-related questions.


Marleen Adema  
Region: Albania, Germany, Philippines, France, Nepal, Southeast Asia

Ansgar Bosman 
Region: Malawi (Blantyre)

Gijske Geneugelijk 
Region: Albania/ShKBSh, Algeria, Belgium, Indonesia, Israel, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Wilma Wolswinkel 
Region: Balkans, Central Asia, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Czech Republic, Turkey

Machiel and Erika Kommers mekommers@gzb.nl

Region Erika: Colombia, Mexico, Namibia, Slovakia
Region Machiel: Cuba, Yemen, Peru, Tunisia