ASIA – Young Church

Focus in Asia

GZB wants to reach people, who have never heard the Gospel before and supports them in building new Christian communities.


In Asia, which is predominantly Buddhist and Hinduistic, there are many people who have never heard the Gospel. Local believers together with mission workers interact with these people to share about Christ. When a few people in a village have come to faith, a small congregation is founded. GZB supports these young and small congregations to grow in faith, knowledge of the Bible and ministry, so that they can reflect the love of Christ in their society.
Besides church planting, GZB is also involved in other projects. In Indonesia, GZB helps local churches to be a witness of Christ in a predominantly Islamic context. In Central Asia, a region where believers experience persecution to various extents and where the involvement of mission workers is limited, GZB is taking a leading role in setting up church-based theological training programmes (TEE), both for ordinary church members and church leaders.
Countries: Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Southeast and Central Asia