EUROPE – Empty Church

Focus in Europe

GZB supports shrinking churches to start new faith communities with renewed self-awareness.
Once, Christianity was flourishing in Europe. The many churches in its landscape still bear witness of that. But many of them are (almost) empty nowadays. Europe is secularizing fast and churches only play a marginal role in society. On the other hand, many people are ‘seeking’, showing more interest in spiritual matters. GZB is active in various outreach and church planting activities in Europe’s bigger cities (e.g. Prague and Paris). In France, GZB supports a pioneering church of the Eglise Réformée Evangélique (UNEPREF) in Paris. In Belgium, GZB for many years has been supporting the Bible House, an outreach centre in a very multicultural district of Antwerp. In Albania and Kosovo, two of the poorest European countries, GZB is involved in church planting and diaconal activities in local congregations. In this way, we build our churches with renewed self-awareness.
Countries: Albania, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Belgium