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Our vision

Planting and building hospitable communities

GZB worldwide helps churches to plant and build hospitable communities where the freeing message of the Gospel can be heard, shared and lived. Communities that are welcome to everyone and that are unconditionally in their approach to people; also and foremost to those who are marginalised. In that way those communities will themselves spread the Gospel along.

Growing further

Mission is always a movement! We are in an ongoing conversation about what is necessary both now and then. We talk about it with our worldwide partners and Dutch churches. That conversation is about how we can act out of what we learned over the past years:
  • Mission is the calling of the local church
  • Mission encircles the whole life
  • Mission is what we do together
  • Mission is a matter of fidelity
  • Mission is contextual and colourful
  • Mission focusus on the marginalised
  • Mission requires planning
  • Mission is sending people
  • Mission is learning and receiving

We will soon present our newest policy plan 2022-2026. That will give you an insight in how you can join in into this conversation.

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