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inspires us

It is our desire that everyone comes into contact with the Gospel

Nobody can do without God’s love and grace. That is why it is our desire that everyone comes into contact with the Gospel. In the Gospel, we hear how God’s heart beats with compassion for mankind. Just like Jesus came into this world and sought out people, we believe that the church has been called to go out and reach out. To share His love by means of both words and actions. Together with various churches worldwide we endeavour to create a community in which people feel welcome, can grow in faith and are supported to be real people as we are called to be.


Our mission

We wish for people all over the world to hear the Gospel and get to know God, find a place in a church community and live as God has meant us to live.

Our identity

GZB is an organisation in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and is rooted in the reformed church tradition. Through many years of commitment to mission work (since 1901), we are connected with a diverse network of churches and (faith) communities around the world.

The Spirit connects

The Holy Spirit connects people with Christs, with God’s salvation. The Spirit also connects people in the church community, which is the Body of Christ.

God's grace comes first

We acknowledge the reality of evil and sin. However, God remains faithful to His creation and does not abandon people to their fate. In the Name of Jesus Christ, people can and will receive forgiveness and eternal life.

The Word reflected in our lives

The Bible is the Word of God through which we come to know Him. By that Word, our entire human life is tested and set in the light of the Kingdom of God.

The focus on Jesus

Christ’s death on the cross brings reconciliation to the world. His resurrection from the dead is the beginning of the new creation in which God’s kingship becomes visible.

Called and sent

The imitation of Christ is a personal calling for each Christian, but this always takes place in communion with a wider community of disciples